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Ouch, My Knee Hurts!

Depending on your specific need, Dr. Ahn may couple Non-Instrumented Manual Therapy with specific manual adjustments.  Targeted exercises may also be required to strengthen your specific area. If you have already had surgery or are anticipating surgery, Dr. Ahn can help you recover or possibly avoid future surgical procedures.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Testimonials

Katherine Watson  1/28/17       

I came in last summer unable to even do a sit up or bridge. I had sciatic pain down my leg. Had gone to PT with no relief of symptoms. At Dr. Ann's Unison Chiropractic office, I was treated with respect and my condition explained to me with plan of treatment. I receive a massage, exercise in the gym (with on hands instruction), & chiropractic adjustment. I have also had traction. I no longer have sciatic pain and swim & play golf many times a week. I would recommend Dr. Ahn to anyone who has any back or neck problems.

Raymond Ahn 1/25/2017

Dr.Ahn takes the time to listen to his patients and is very attentive to what they need. He takes the time to know what is causing your pain and problem and does his best to treat the cause not just the symptoms. The massage therapists Byron and Kyla are also great. It felt good to be massaged before the adjustments. Highly recommend this place to anyone having back pain, knee pain, or neck pain.

Do You Have Knee Pain?