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My Back Is Killing Me!

We have a variety of techniques to apply for relieving your pain.  After your examination, we may manually adjust you in combination with drop-table and/or apply non-instrumented manual therapy and special "blueprint" exercises.  Each case is different so your specific therapy will be unique.

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Back Pain Testimonials

John Pinto 6/1/2017

Solved my immediate problem of debilitating back pain and muscle spasms via Dr Ahns , adjustments and PT recommendations, the friendly Physical therapists and  excellent message therapists.  The whole place has a positive friendly feel to it which assists in your healing process.  It takes a little effort on your part but the experience so pleasurable I hardly want to leave.    Definitely recommend.

Valerie McDonald 7/31/2015

I was in town visiting and had major back pain. Found Dr. Ahn, and couldn't have been happier. He is an amazing chiropractor. The office staff is also terrific.

Lalie Collins 7/30/2014

I had chronic neck pain for six years most of the time debilitating. My friend recommended Unison Chiropractic and told me of the wonders of Dr. Ahn's work. I had nothing to lose. I went in for my consultation and was amazed at how very knowledgable Dr. Ahn was about my neck and back without X-rays and told me what had been happening to my neck and back and spine for six years. He was so hopeful and encouraging, telling me that he was very sure that over a short period if time we would work hard and heal my neck. He assured me that he wasn't going to bandaid my problem like others had, he was going to heal me! I was overjoyed! Within a short month of coming in three days a week, my neck and shoulders and back we're getting stronger and the pain was leaving! I was sleeping well for once in six years! I am continuing to heal and get stronger every time and I can't explain the beauty of living free of pain! This man is a magician!
Side note: when I first came and Dr. Ahn told me he wanted to see me three times a week I warned him that I could only afford two times. He then told me that he would only make me pay for two times but actually have three visits! I was astonished at his hospitality! "I'm determined you should heal." He told me, "Your healing is very important to me." WOW!
The atmosphere is so friendly and the receptionist Michelle is as sweet as can be! The message therapists that work with you every visit are very talented and very kind and do great massage therapy every visit! For fifty dollars I receive a massage, an adjustment, and something lasting and priceless: health and freedom from pain! I highly recommend visiting Unison Chiropractic!! He's even helping me with my sinus trouble and head aches!! Can't say enough about these people here! The dedication to each persons individual health and reaching their optimum health is unbelievable and I am so blessed to have found them! Dr. Ahn has changed my life!

Lana Solnick 9/30/2015   

I have now been going to Unison for several years. I recently had an MRI done on my back and saw a neurosurgeon for evaluation. No operation necessary, Thank God! Told him about the chiropractor I am seeing and how different he is from our ideas of old on how adjustments are made. Soooo different and they do not rush you in & out by "cracking" you, (which I always hated). They actually care A LOT about results, and do several procedures for accomplishing that. One is a massage therapist which tends to you before Dr. Ahn , a stretching table( which does wonders!) and finally Dr. Ahn who always seems to pinpoint my area of pain in my back! He is amazing to say the least! I honestly don't know how I would maintain without his caring and skilled techniques. His wife Michelle is the Best and is such a benefit to the business because of her upbeat personality, loving their clients, and not to mention hilarious woman!! I adore them both and other doctors could take tips from their way of conducting business. They are the "Nordstrom" way of treating their clients!! Seriously you cannot find a better chiropractor in Gig Harbor!

Shadi Nolen 7/18/2016

Dr. Ahn and his office staff, are one of the best places, you can get immediate result from your adjustment.  They are very welcoming and friendly staff.  I have never got such a fast relief from my back, neck, hip and shoulder pain before.  I highly recommend Unison chiropractic.

Branson Box 6/12/2016

I felt so good after my first adjustment. I work out a lot and do wrestling so my body gets out of balance very frequently. Dr. Ahn knew exactly where I had problems with my back and neck without me having to say anything. He even found spots that I had no clue even hurt. The staff is really nice and friendly as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. He cares about his patients health and it definitely shows. Thank you Unison Chiropractic.

Robert Hopkins 1/4/2017

I have been going to Unison Chiropractic for about eight months now. I initially went there because I had a pretty debilitating lower back pain, and issues with my upper back. For years, I just "dealt with it" with daily dose of Advil, cringes, and stubborn acceptance of my diminishing quality of life.

Dr. Ahn explained why my body was in pain, what his treatment plan was, and what I needed to do to improve myself. As the treatments progressed, my entire body began to fall into synch and my aches and pains were no longer a lingering issue. I am still quite irresponsible with my body, so still get battered and sore, but with the correct treatments and patient guidance from Dr.Ahn, his wife Michelle, and the rest of their awesome and caring staff, my quality of life can be maintained at a fabulously high level.

The adjustments are concise, generally very gentle, and have been very effective. Whenever needed though, Dr. Ahn digs in and does his magic, all the while explaining not just what he is doing, but why, and what the intended relief is. So far, he has been spot on!

The exercises and PT have been very effective, and is actually pretty fun. Mrs.Ahn (Michelle) gives very thorough guidance for every exercise, and frequently does them with you, correcting form whenever needed (quite frequently for me...) She is quite the motivating force for myself, and clearly to all of the other patients. She and Dr. Ahn always give me pointers on posture, self stretches, and exercises to improve my body.

I have had massages with every visit, and I love them! The massage staff (what's up Byron, Mary, and Kyla!!), Mrs. Ahn, and Dr. Ahn communicate very well, so the massages are always on point, it's always the cherry on top.

I have been very pleased with the service and treatments I have received at Unison Chiropractic, and feel very grateful to them for giving me my health back.



Raymond Ahn 1/25/2017

Dr.Ahn takes the time to listen to his patients and is very attentive to what they need. He takes the time to know what is causing your pain and problem and does his best to treat the cause not just the symptoms. The massage therapists Byron and Kyla are also great. It felt good to be massaged before the adjustments. Highly recommend this place to anyone having back pain, knee pain, or neck pain.

Aaron Hagman  4/14/2017

Dr. Ahn has saved my back numerous times after long snowboard seasons. Whenever I'm having back pain I already know where to go! Unison chiropractic is amazing and I highly recommend it if you're having any pain in your neck or back. Also his wife Michelle is always so friendly and helpful. They are both awesome humans so check this place out!!!

Leslie Pohl   4/21/2017

I just love this place. First, you never have to wait. Second, you get a injury specific massage to loosen you up before Dr. Ahn corrects your problem. Third, exercises are done on site to ensure there is someone to help if needed.
My back has never felt so good and my constant headaches are gone! 
A special shout out to Reine (sorry about the spelling). She is incredible and her massages are the best I've ever had. She takes as much time as needed to loosen you up. No rushing for her! You have to try her massages!

Sarah McNellis 5/24/2017

After suffering for many years with back and shoulder pain Dr. Ahn saved my life. I am no longer in any pain and I owe it all to them! Rainey is such a great massage therapist and she hits every muscle in my neck and shoulders. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had and she is so nice and pleasant. Dr. Ahn can find a sore spot in my back without me even mentioning it to him. He is so in tune with my body and has made me feel very comfortable and best of all pain free! I would highly recommend going to see him as every staff member in his office has been nothing but kind to me and I feel amazing! Thank you Unison Chiropractic for helping me be a better wife, mother and a better me!

Renee Cabuco  6/28/16 

Amazing Staff. Amazing work. I cannot rave enough about Dr. Ahn. I've suffered from moderate to severe back pain for about 10 years. Always needing meds and back to back appointments. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the chiropractor but no one has actually provided the care and follow through like Dr. Ahn. My first appointment he told me we will get me feeling better so I don't have to take pain meds and see a Dr. Minimally 1x a week. Of course I've heard this before, but after about a month, I virtually had NO PAIN. I'm literally now on a maintenance plan where I check in when needed. This has been true for over 2 months now and his work has stuck. Literally a miracle worker! Highly recommend this business!

Jessel Wichman 5/30/2017

Byron is my massage therapist at unison and I couldn't be more excited each week to go see him. Not only is he personable and warm, he also targets my back pain and I always leave feeling refreshed. Since going to see Dr. Ahan and Byron my shoulder and back pain has gone down significantly. The office is friendly, with Megan and Michelle at the front desk always ready with great conversation. I would suggest unison to anyone needing pain relief.

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