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Oh My Head!

Depending on your specific case, Dr. Ahn may use a variety of techniques including manual adjustments, activator, traction, and or flexion.  He has the unique capability to adjust the C-0 vertebrae, unlike most available chiropractors.  You will also be treated with non-instrumented manual therapy and specific exercises.


Headache Pain Testimonials

Leslie Pohl  4/21/2017

I just love this place. First, you never have to wait. Second, you get a injury specific massage to loosen you up before Dr. Ahn corrects your problem. Third, exercises are done on site to ensure there is someone to help if needed.
My back has never felt so good and my constant headaches are gone!
A special shout out to Reine (sorry about the spelling). She is incredible and her massages are the best I've ever had. She takes as much time as needed to loosen you up. No rushing for her! You have to try her massages!

Leesa Kim 1/21/2013

I've been going to this chiropractor for a couple of months now and they've been great to me. They are always very welcoming and warming to everyone. I used to have this constant headache for years, and after a couple of visits my headaches were gone! Not only do they treat me, they also teach me ways to heal it faster. Their methods are very effective and fasinating. Best chiropractor in town!!

Do You Have Headache Pains?